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TMI is a manufacturer of bagging, palletizing and stretch wrapping machinery for different industries: 

Complete bagging lines. Bagging systems

Open mouth 1.png

Semi-automatic bagging machine


Manual net weight bagging machine for all types of products

Up to 1200 bags/hour

Open mouth 3.png

Automatic bagging machine


Automatic bagging machine for SOS - Self Opening System - type bags, with handle, side gusset and square bottom

Up to 1000 bags/hour

Open mouth 5.png

Automatic bagging machine


Automatic bag filling and sealing machine for plastic bags or any other thermo-sealable material, with integrated sealing system

Up to 1000 bags/hour

Valve Bags 2.png

Automatic valve bag filling machine


Automatic gross weight bagging machine by fluidization for powdery and low granulometry products into valve bags

Up to 450 bags/hour

FFS 1.png

High speed horizontal FFS bagging machine ILERBAG HS

High speed horizontal FFS bagging machine for plastic bags from tubular reel

Up to 2600 bags/hour

Big Bags 1.png

Big-bag filling system ILERBIG M

Simple big-bag filling station, for products that are easy to handle and require a quick return on investment

Up to 10 big bags/hour

Open mouth 2.png

Automatic bagging machine


Automatic open mouth bags filler for PP, PE or paper bags

Up to 750 bags/hour

Open mouth 4.png

Hygienic automatic bagging machine LERSAC HC

Designed specially for industries that require thorough cleaning and good accessibility.

Up to 500 bags per hour

Open mouth 6.png

Automatic bagging machine


High-capacity automatic bagging machine for open-mouth bags, flat or with side gussets

Up to 1400 bags/hour

Valve Bags 3.png

Automatic valve bag filling machine


Automatic gross weight bagging machine by fluidization, for powdery and low granulometry products into valve bags, with multiple filling points fed by a single robotic arm

Up to 600 bags/hour

FFS 3.png

Vertical FFS bagging machine


Automatic vertical Form-fill-seal bagging machine using flat film

Up to 1200 bags/hour

Big Bags 2.png

Big-bag filling system ILERBIG H

Ergonomic big bag filling station for all kinds of products

Up to 35 big bags/hour

Complete palletizing lines. Bag palletizing systems

Pal 1.png

Automatic high level layer palletizer


Automatic high-level bag palletizer with five-sided layer compacting

Up to 2200 bags/hour

Pal 3.png

Robotic bag palletizer ILERPAL R

Anthropomorphic robotic arm-type bag palletizer with palletizing gripper

Up to 800 bags/hour

Pallet Stretch-wrapping
Wrapper 1.png

Turntable stretch-wrapper ILERGIR

Fully automatic pallet stretch-wrapper with turntable and film pre-stretch technology

Up to 30 pallets/hour

Wrapper 2.png

Pallet side protection system


Automatic wrapping system with corrugated cardboard to protect the pallets sideways. It is complementary to the automatic pallet wrapping machine ILERGIR

Up to 10 pallets/hour

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