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Fully automatic packaging units,  palletizing, unloading

Fully automatic packaging units, bagging, palletizing, stretching lines

  • Fully automaticpackaging units

  • Bagging, palletizing

  • Stretching lines

Portable and stationary filling, unloading pneumatics for trucks, ports, ships, wagons, warehouses

  • Truck-ship-warehouse filling-unloading pneumatics

  • Pneumatics spare parts

  • consultancy services for installation and training

  • Law-Denis Corn-grain drying plants
  • Law-Dinis rotary drum cleaners
  • Law-Denis elevators, conveyors
  • Law-Denis silo bottom sweepers
  • Grain steel silos, Raw material
  • Grain heat measurement systems
  • Loadcells, Volumetric Loaders
  • Truck scales, In-silo scales, blower
  • Safety and protection fences
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