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Industrial Sewing Machines Bag Sewing and Bag Making Machines

Bag Sewing and Bag Making Machines

  • 80800C

  • 80800R

  • 80800RL

  • 80800U

  • 80800UA

  • 80800UL

  • 80800UAL

  • 80800TL

straight, crepe and gluing sack sewing machines

  • BC111P12

  • BC111U12

  • BC111UA12

  • BC111U11

  • BC111T

  • BC111TA

  • BC111K

  • BC111KA

  • BC191UT12

  • BC191UTA12

  • BC191UT11

  • BC191-1M

  • BC191-1A

  • BC191-1B

high speed and high performance, full oil bath flat, crepe and sticking apparatus

  • 2200A

  • 2200B

  • 2200F

  • 2200M

  • 2200AS

  • 2200AA

  • 2200BA

  • 2200FA

  • 2200MA

  • 2200MB

  • 2200MAB

  • 3000A

  • 3000B

  • 3000M

  • 3000AZ

portable type flat and crepe apparatus sack mouth sewing machines24V DC with non-electric portable batterynon-electric compressed air motorsuspension and fastening units

Sack feeder, combined cutter and crimping apparatus

  • FB29905A

  • FB29910A

  • FB29915A

  • FB29920A

  • GB29905G

  • GBR29905G

Labeling, label dispenser

  • 20680AET1H

  • 20680AET1V

Complete bagging lines, single and double headed seam columns

  • 20680AE

  • 20680BEBC

  • 20680EEBC

  • 20680FEBC

  • 20680HEBC

Combined hot glue and sewing units

  • 20600HSBC

  • Sack sewing machines

  • Sack overlock machines

  • Big-bag sewing machines

  • carpet overlock machines

  • Network sewing machines

Some other offerings include

Fischbein, Newlong, Groz Beckert 

  • Fischbein portable F series, stationary 100-101 Empress series sack mouth sewing machines and spare parts

  • Fischbein - Saxon plastic hot melt adhesives

  • Newlong spare parts

  • Industrial sewing machine needles from Groz Beckert Schmetz Organ

Magnets and Magnetic Systems

  • Bunting Magnetics permanent magnets

  • Plate, pipe, filter magnets

  • rotating drum magnets

  • plastic industry magnets

  • magnets of all types and sizes

Pellet Presses, Disks, Rolls and Feeding Machines

  • La Meccanica pellet press

  • La Meccanica discs and rollers

  • La Meccanica vibratory, coolers, crushers

Maize, Grain dryers, rotary drum cleaners, elevators, conveyors, bottom sweepers

  • Law-Denis Corn-grain drying plants

  • Law-Dines rotary drum cleaners

  • Denis elevators, conveyors, silo bottom sweepers

Elevator buckets, safety monitory systems, level indicators, conveyor forged chains, bands

  • 4B Braime elevator buckets (polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane, steel), fasteners, safety monitor systems, level indicators, conveyor forged chains, belts

Raw Material, grain steel silos, grain heat measurement systems, loadcells, volumetric loaders, truck scales, in-silo scales, safety and protection fences

  • Raw material, grain steel silos, grain heat measurement systems, loadcells

  • truck scales, in-silo scales, volumetric loaders, blower

  • safety protection fences

Fully automatic packaging units, bagging, palletizing, stretching lines

  • Fully automatic bagging, palletizing, stretching lines

Portable and stationary filling, unloading pneumatics for trucks, ports, ships, wagons, warehouses

  • Truck-ship-warehouse filling-unloading pneumatics

  • Pneumatics spare parts

  • consultancy services for installation and training

Fixed and mobile air port fenders

  • Fixed and mobile air port fenders

  • consultancy services for installation and training

We provide assembly and all kinds of consultancy-training services on corn drying facilities, raw material-graidn steel silos, elevators, conveyors, pneumatics, hydraulic truck lifts and marine fenderes