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DenIS S.A.

  • The Rotary Sweep Unloader 

  • Sweep augers

  • Bucket elevators allow vertical handling of bulk products such as grains, pellets, powders, etc. 

  • Vertical Screw allow to unload grain from silos for a direct load of tippers or trucks.

  • Vertical Screw allow to reach a 60t/h capacity and 5.40m high under outlet.


Robust and practical: strong rigid construction, self-supporting structure, easy to build, compact,easy to maintain


Functional and reliable : flexible specification, reduced speed to suit products, choice of specifications for belt and buckets, access and clean out slides, removable access panel in trunking


Performance with economy: consistent throughputs up to xx m3/ hour, low power requirement, low  maintenance


Well designed quality machines: the 180°C oven baked paint finish is applied after a degreasing treatment followed by a phospate primer for every component

Optional: white food quality paint, hot dipped galvanised, stainless steel...


Safety: this equipment conforms with the European Standards for safety and strength and with ATEX, The European Explosion prevention requirements

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