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ALFRA Equipment - The perfect fit for every plant

A complete range of dosing and weighing equipment through almost 90 years of experience.

ALFRA Micro dosing equipment

ALFRA manufactures micro dosing equipment for the most accurate measurement of the smallest of materials. The micro dosing equipment of ALFRA is fast, very accurate and designed for micro ingredients. ALFRA micro dosing equipment is a leading brand of robust, fast and accurate dosing and weighing equipment for the animal nutrition and related industries.
ALFRA Medium component dosing

Combine high throughput with outstanding accuracy spanning a broad range of material quantities. Developed for reliable dosing of small to medium components, these machines ensure contamination-free dosing by eliminating the need of an additional piece of equipment or dosing in small amounts. The compact designs ensure that the product contact surface is kept small.
ALFRA Macro component dosing

Versatile dosing systems for reliable and precise dosing of macro and bulk quantities. This range of equipment features high performance systems that can handle up to 6.000 kgs. The combination of high throughput and excellent accuracy ensures that dosing and weighing is no longer the factory bottleneck by handling batch quantities from 5 kgs up to 6.000 kgs with one machine.
ALFRA Truck filling

ALFRA’s solutions for truck filling ensure that the loading process of trucks progresses in a clean and quick way, with much less product damage and contamination than with conventional chain or belt conveyors. With certified calibration, weighing data can determine payloads for customer billing and eliminate extra handling by truck drivers.
ALFRA Silo discharge

ALFRA provides a broad range of solutions for silo discharge. A silo discharge unit is the dosing part of an installation and is mounted directly underneath the silo outlets. The unit operates based on gravity, hereby reducing energy consumption during discharging. All units maintain the all-important FIFO (First-In, First-Out) material flow, eliminating dead zones in the silo
ALFRA Kibble and end-of-line mixing

ALFRA’s solutions for kibble and end-of-line mixing improve the flexibility of your operation and reduce the risk of cross-contamination by moving the mixer to the product silos instead of the other way around. The advanced mobility eliminates the need for additional mechanical ways of internal transfer which are often expensive and form a risk of de-mixing or even damage to the final product.
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ALFRA Automatic container transfer

The ALFRA Automatic Container Transfer consists of a modular setup that provides a high level of process flexibility. The system uses batch containers to transfer products and components with zero cross contamination. Different contamination groups can therefore be transported at the same process line.
ALFRA Batch transfer

Transfer bulk batches of powders, granules or pellets in every production environment. For example, move a complete dosed batch to a mixer or a complete finished product to silos or counter sets. In doing so, product damage and contamination are prevented.
ALFRA Filling stations

ALFRA’s solutions for container filling ensure that the operator can transfer products out of bags and/or big bags from the warehouse to the equipment safely and with minimal dust accumulation. During the filling process, the (big) bags are transported fully automatic, to prevent floor contact or other forms of contamination.
ALFRA Stainless steel silos

ALFRA’s stainless steel silos feature rounded internal corners to improve product flow and reduce residue, thus cutting the risk of contamination. Preventing this can increase dosing speeds significantly, sometimes even doubling them. Outflow speed of particularly poorly flowing materials can be increased by adding stirring devices. Stainless steel silos are commonly used for regular flowing materials such as povders, granulates and pellets.
ALFRA Flexible silos

The ALFRA flexible silos are made from a special smooth and inert coated textile to prevent bridging and rat holing and ensure a fast, predictable product supply. Flexible silos have higher production capacities and dosing rates than stainless steel types which results in limited cross contamination and improved hygiene. They are also easier and cheaper to transport and install than rigid silos.
PROMAS - Future proof automation

PROMAS ST factory automation software embodies over 50 years of KSE’s experience in animal nutrition production processes.
PROMAS ST software is developed from the operator's point of view. Our aim is to create a future proof and intuitive platform that gives operators the insight and control they need to run a seamless operation.
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