Scafco Steel Silos, Grain Elevators, Conveyors

SCAFCO commercial grain bins offer outstanding strength and durability. All roofs, wall sheets and stiffeners are manufactured from G115 coated steel (min. 350gr/m2 zinc).

SCAFCO’s farm bins are perfect for on-farm applications ranging from 12’ to 60’ in diameter (3.66 m to 18.29 m) with capacities up to 98,332 bushels (2,676 MT).

SCAFCO Hopper bottom bins are available in capacities from 132 to 55,928 bushels (3 to over 1,500 MT) and can store any flowable commodity such as grain, feed, wood or plastic pellets.

SCAFCO Bulk Feed Tanks can store any flowable commodity such as grain, feed, seeds, sand, wood or plastic pellets. These structures provide safe and effective support for bins loading into trucks, rail cars or equipment.

SCAFCO conveyors offer many features to help maximize performance and reduce operating costs.

SCAFCO properly operated aeration systems keep grain in good condition and help control insect infestation and moisture migration, reducing grain spoilage.

SCAFCO structural steel catwalks and towers are custom-designed to meet project requirements.

SCAFCO designs and manufactures water tank systems in 11 different diameters (6′ to 36′) and wall heights up to 14 feet, with capacities in excess of 100,000 gallons.

For over six decades, SCAFCO has understood how important it is for you to have a cost effective way to increase your storage capacity.

SCAFCO Aggregate Storage Bins can be used as a cost-effective solution for storage of material for concrete batch plants, ore for mines, or as a simple solution for sand and rock storage where space is at a premium.