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Pellet Mills, Dies and Roller Shells, Vibratory, Coolers and Crushers

La Meccanica SRL  is specialized in the production of  Mills, Dies and Rollers for Animal Feed, Wood & Biomass, Fertilisers, Recycling Industries



This animal feed machinery, used to create pellets from powdered material, is one of the most important machines in industrial production. It's usually used to produce animal feed pellets, wood pellets, and fuel pellets for use in a pellet stove. It is mainly used in large-scale commercial production with the features of long working life, high output and low consumption. The work of pressing the wet mash into a pellet is done through the die in the main mill.
La Meccanica pellet presses are simple and solid machines, with high reliability and very low maintenance costs.

pelet mıll clm 630.png


La Meccanica follows every day the path of innovation to make pelletizing more practical and efficient by combining innovative engineering and design with the latest production technology. The CLM 630 Xperience pellet press model is the sign of changing times and represents our company's commitment to a more technological and sustainable future. Attention to form enhances the values ​​of quality and reliability that has always distinguished us. 



The crumbler produces crumbled feed to control reduction to a specific particle size with a minimum of fines. It's a roller mill with rolls specially designed for crumbling feed pellets, as well as in the flour milling and oilseed processing.
La Meccanica's crumbler is a very solid machine, that allows to obtain a very homogeneous and regular granulometry of crumbled pellet. The cutting rollers are adjustable and spring-mounted to protect against damage which could be caused by foreign objects.



The horizontal hammer mill has been applied to the task of particle size reduction in milling applications. It consists of a horizontal drive shaft, which suspends vertical hammers to crush any friable and fibrous dry materials containing less fat.



The ribbon mixer is used to mingle large amounts of material. The blending is performed via two mixing ribbons mounted on a common shaft working in opposing directions.
La Meccanica's aspo mixer allows to mix materials with different granulometry and specific weights with a good variation coefficient.



A paddle mixer is a machine that is used for mixing mineral and premix products with dosed and crushed grains homogeneously. It ensures faster mixing, but requires more power and the load needs to be central.
In La Meccanica's paddle mixer accuracy is guaranteed mixtures homogeneous with a variation coefficient of <5% and homogeneity is achieved after a short a time (2-3 min). It is possible to add liquids. Filling and discharge times are very short.



The counterflow cooler represents the solution with the best cost/performance ratio of pellet cooling. With rotary distributor, the pellets can be cooled evenly in the bin room. Cooling air reverse the pellets and the pellet is cooled from the bottom to top gradually, thus the cooling time is increased.



La Meccanica's vertical cooling group is composed by a vertical cooler and an oscillating sifter. It takes a minimal amount of floor space, but still with very good cooling efficiency.



Every cooler performs two functions: cools and dries the pellet. The horizontal cooler is the alternative solution to the other cooling systems when vertical space is limited or when the product is presented in finely granular form.
La Meccanica's horizontal pellet cooler, with its moving bed, mechanically move and discharge the pellets. This provides the positive flow action which is needed when processing pellets.



Vibrating sifters are used to remove grit and fine particles from the pellet flow. These are very compact machines, particularly efficient for cleaning pellets or for classifying flours.
In La Meccanica's vibrating sifter the product in the inlet of the sieve comes leveled on all the width material is evenly distributed across the screens by means of a static distributor adjustable from the exterior. The mechanical action of the sifter is made by two vibrating motors, positioned below the body of the sieve giving easy access to the counterbalances.



In the rotary screener the sieved product falls centrally on the screen and is centrifuged to the outside. In this way, the finer part is separated from the coarser part of the product flowing on the screener. Its efficiency is ensured by the shape of the steps of the screening grid.
La Meccanica's rotary screener is characterized by high capacity, low power consumption and absence of vibrations. 



The STHT processor is a machine which has the function of achieving a quality improvement of pelleting, while at the same time facilitating the sequence of operations. It combines temperature and pressure in the transit of raw materials to provide a crumb with improved nutritional value.
La Meccanica's expanders are very versatile machines that raise the degree of gelatinization of starches and improve the pelletizing of even the most difficult raw materials.



A healthy nutrition of animals means a guarantee of healthy nutrition for humans too. For this reason it is important to adopt solutions to safeguard the quality of food. The sanitizer is today one of the most effective solutions.

vacuum fat add..png


The vacuum mixer was conceived to integrate liquid ingredients (i.e., oil and melt fat) directly in the extruded product as soon as it has gone through the drying process.
The liquid absorption is guaranteed on a product with a diameter ranging from 2 to 18 mm. with a maximum humidity of up to 8%.

continuos cold fat add..png


The fat addition machine enriches the feeds that need a high percentage of fat, such as poultry feed, without injuring the compactness of the final product. The cycle begins after the sieving of the pellet that makes it homogeneous, well filled and dry with a fat percentage ranging from 7 to 11%.



Immediately after the mixing process has been completed, the product can be coated in the same machine. This happens in what is known as the expansion stage. The mixed material is powdered with unmixed material. This prevents the subsequent conveyor units from sticking together.
La Meccanica's molases mixer guarantees a great mixing effect and high throughput.

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