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Bag making, bag closing,  bag sewing machines, sack and carpet overlock Machines.  Original spare parts service

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Grain storage facilities, raw material and grain steel silos, ​filling and unloading equipment

Industrial sewing machine needles

Elevator buckets and connections (polyethylene-nylon-polyurethane steel), safety monitoring systems and level indicators conveyor forged chains, conveyor belts


Magnet & Magnetic Systems

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Pellet Mills, Dies and Roller Shells

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Grain storage, dryer,aeration, and handling needs

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Silos and wires

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Grain Temperature and Mousture Measuring Equipment

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Conveyors, Elevators, Silo bottom sweepers

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Rulpar  Trade Roller Bearings.  World Trade

Consulting, Pilot Projects & Software solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Recycling & Waste Treatment Solutions  - The intelligent generation of sorting technologies

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